The TrialsTracker Project

The results of clinical trials are used by doctors, researchers and patients to make informed choices about treatments.

Sadly, the results of clinical trials are commonly left unreported, despite several decades of guidelines, position statements, policies and even legislation. There is an active global campaign around this issue at

The Bennett Institute for Applied Data Science is a mixed multidisciplinary team of clinicians, academics, and software engineers, pooling skills to produce high-impact informatics tools as well as pure academic research papers. You can read more about our work at

We have produced a range of audits and trackers all monitoring the trial reporting performance and policies of pharmaceutical companies, universities, funders, sponsors, and other organisations.

This is a holding page. Resource permitting, we will soon bring together all metrics on trials transparency from our own work, and other teams, in one friendly front-end of dashboards and indicators.

Before then, here is a list of our outputs to date:
A live website tool that monitors, on a daily basis, every trial on that breaches the FDA Amendments Act 2007
A live website tool that monitors, on a monthly basis, every trial that breaches EU rules on trial reporting, with transparency performance rankings for every individual company and university.
A dynamic, interactive explorer for all pharmaceutical companies’ trials transparency policies.
Our original prototype TrialsTracker, with rankings for major trial sponsors, and automatic searching of PubMed.
A project correcting misreported trials in major journals as soon as they are published.

All of these projects have associated journal publications.

We also have a large number of additional outputs including commentary, research papers, static audits, and policy reports.

Please check back soon for more. If you are interested in our work, you can contact us easily: [email protected]